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Covid 19 has accelerated digital transformation in every walks of life including finance and banking, educational and communication and medical sector. is a website proposed to catalyze the surge in the digital transformation by providing a quick and easy accessibility to the multiple sectors which are inevitable in our daily life including hospital, banks ,schools, government office, post office etc. It is a single website intending to function as a digital directory of the institutions from various circles. provides comprehensive information of the institutions including insurance company, banks, lending company, Brokerage Firm, Investment Bank, Insurance Company etc. The comprehensive details incorporates the name, address, contact number, location and pin number of the institutions such as Credit Company, etc. website is designed in a user friendly manner enables the visitors to access contact details and further information of the institutions including hospital, banks ,schools, finance, Brokerage Firm single click with a single click. The services provided by the website is meant to accelerate the functioning of the various sectors associated with our daily life including hospital, banks, schools, government office etc. assures quick and convenient access to including hospital, banks, schools, government office, post office, ATM etc. across the country. The main objective of the site is to contribute the national development and social growth since it enhance the activities in every sector including health, economy and academics. The website functions as a resourceful directory as well as a business oriented catalyst.


  • To enhance the digital transformation process
  • To develop the e-commerce activities
  • To accelerate the banking process
  • To flourish the economic sector of the country
  • To make educational clusters in a student friendly manner
  • To provide easy accessibility to hospitals
  • To enhance communication process
  • Functions as a resource
  • Functions as a business catalyst
  • To contribute to economic and social growth

Facts is available in a website form which provides instant and comprehensive information of the various institutions inevitable in our ordinary life including hospital, banks, schools, government office etc in an easy accessible manner. website is designed in the format of a digital library.The details are included in systematic format. It merging social, individual and economical institutions in a single platform to contribute national development and social integration.

Key Highlights

  • Authentic compilation of comprehensive information
  • Quick and easily accessible
  • Attractive and User Friendly
  • Resourceful as well as business oriented
  • Merging social, individual and economical institutions
  • Contribute national development and social integration